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Acquire Claimants at Scale.
ID Tech Solutions acquires hundreds of thousands of highly qualified customers for companies in the personal finance, legal and personal claims space.
What we do.
We get enquiries
Our network of consumer facing personal finance, legal and personal claims brands drive thousands of real time data leads and calls every day.
We get you clients
We help automate customer journeys, and compliantly on-board your new clients. We regularly scale campaigns into the 7 figures per month.

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Get in touch.
We're always looking for great companies to partner with. Think you might be a fit?
Get in touch and let's have a conversation.
How we work.
Partner with ethical partners
We carefully choose partners who share our core values and aggressive passion for looking after consumer intrests.
Optimize for scaling your business
Don't leave anything on the table. We work hand in hand with you to make sure every aspect of your process is optimized for success.
Deep integration
We get in the trenches with you and your team to make sure that every lead that's driven is on the path to becoming a high value customer.
Succeed together
Our goal is to align incentives so that we only win when you do. Our goals are your goals.
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