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The Way
We Are.

Since founding in 2019, we have been creating customer centric journeys to enable scalable onboarding via broad advertising and automation. In layman's terms, finding your next client or claimant, engaging with them, educating them, qualifying them and taking them through an onboarding journey which educates them - resulting in minimal attrition for your business.

We leverage our teams experience to build engaging Ads, Websites that qualify a claimant's eligibility whilst educating the claimant when travelling through the onboarding journey.

Our qualification allows us to 'package' a client.


Our education means the client remains a client. 

Our automation enables us to assist you and the claimants at scale. Often in to 8-figure campaigns. Operating campaigns in the UK, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, USA and Australia.


We are committed to transparent, diligent and honest relationships.


Advertising Channels.


We work in-house and alongside reputable third parties to engage audiences via email marketing.

Tabloids & Print

We partner with one of the largest tabloid marketing placement firms in the UK.

Digital Marketing

With an experienced world-wide team, we leverage knowledge from differing market places to assist our Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, Google, Bing and other platforms.  


We work with a leading nationwide radio broadcaster to reach a wide audience daily. 

Behind the Action.

Nic Ormerod is an English born Advertiser & Tech geek. Nic has a history of employment in the Insolvency sector where he started his journey into advertising - to plug a gap.

The gap was simply being an honest lead generator. The lead generation was easy due to the geek element, and the honest approach soon saw the business, relationships and turnover escalate rapidly.

This tech born approach to Insolvency lead generation soon crossed over into other regulated markets, and lead to self taught experience in, but not limited to Debt, Mortgage, HDR, PPI, Flight, Solar, Legal, Dental, PCP, Payday claims and Money Lending lead generation.

Bored by simple lead generation, the next logical step was to add more value to a client - and automate more of the buyers processes - leading to a 'packaged client' that we know today.

Talk to us to clarify what a packaged client means in your industry.

Andrew Horner-Glister is an English born Lead generator and entrepreneur.


Andrew started his business life in the recruitment sector where he built and sold three different recruitment agencies. Using his expertise in sales he entered the lead generation space in 2003 initially in RTA claims, although this quickly expanded to HDR, Right to Buy, Clinical Negligence, the debt industry and many more claims areas.


Andrew has worked extensively within the emissions space and was instrumental in developing the reg check system used by almost all the solicitors in the emissions space.


In partnership with Nic they have developed a tech led business that aims to add value to solicitors by packaging claimants, reducing not only the expense involved in onboarding claimants but significantly reducing the amount of para legal work required in taking those claimants to a claim form.

Let’s talk about Numbers:


BMW claimants assisted


Mercedes claimants assisted


Vauxhall claimants assisted


VW Group claimants assisted

1.1 Mil.

Enquires assessed in 2023

Emissions Claims
Mis-Sold PCP
Plevin / PPI
Car Cartel Claims
Mis-Sold Business Energy
Personal Debt
Talc Claims
Industrial Deafness
DPF Claims
Flight Claims

We love to share. So here are some of the marketplaces we operate in and, or have expertise.

Areas Of Market Expertise.

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